The Fear by Charlie Higson

Title: The Fear

Author: Charlie Higson

Series: The Enemy #3

Genre: Horror

Summary: Starting five days before ‘The Enemy’, The Tower of London kids set out to look for their friends in London, not knowing the terrors they will face out there…

What’s Good About It: It is just as good as the first two books, because it is written in the same way that allows you to read into the characters’ emotions, and it contains the same key elements that attracted me to the series in the first place.

What Wasn’t So Good: I find that this book isn’t a book in it’s own right. I keep thinking that ‘The Fear’ and ‘The Dead’ are just there to tie up loose ends and pave the way for the exciting new fourth book, ‘The Sacrifice’.

Rating: *****

Further Reading Suggestions

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Review by Luca Stone, 9JB


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